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 Auditions for the production of
    Disney's Beauty and the Beast
                     April 5,6,7, 2022


               Directed by Sue Schuler
Auditions:  (2021)
     Monday April 12 at 6:00 pm
          Coconut Cove Recreation Center
     Thursday April 15 at 6:00 pm
          Hacienda Recreation Center

     Monday April 19 at 6:00 pm

           Coconut Cove Recreation Center
Call backs :
       Thursday April 22 at 6:00 pm
           Paradise Recreation Center
       Monday April 26 at 6:00 pm
           Coconut Cove Recreation Center





You must sign up to attend any one of the three audition dates using the Google database connection near the bottom of this page. Please read all of the
   "Audition Sign Up Instructions"
              near the bottom of this page
     If you cannot attend any of these dates, or have further questions about auditions, please contact Sue Schuler at
Guidelines for Auditions:


Please download and bring a completed audition form to the first audition that you attend. The form is available at the bottom of this entry.


    Please come prepared to sing 16 bars of the song of your choice that will show off your vocal range and ability. 

    No songs from the show for the audition. Songs from the show will be done during the callbacks. 

    You can bring a cd, plug in a phone or tablet, or sheet music.  An accompanist will be present.   A small movement audition will be required for everyone.  Readings will be done with cuts from the script.  

Costumes will be rented for this show, so some size consideration is given while casting some roles.  
Here is the list of characters:



Beast / Prince

A Prince transformed into a terrifying beast for his lack of compassion; short-tempered and commanding, but with a warm, loving heart buried far beneath his gruff exterior.  This will be cast as two people.


A vibrant, intelligent young beauty who wants much more in life than living in a small town. She is perceived to be quite odd.


Belle's loving, eccentric inventor father.


The story's antagonist. The vain, egotistical, narcissistic, ultra-masculine villain determined to marry Belle.

Le Fou

Gaston's bumbling sidekick.


A suave, French, debonair enchanted candelabra. The maître d' of the castle.


A tightly wound, enchanted stuffy mantle clock and head of the Beast's castle.

Mrs. Potts

A kind-hearted, maternal enchanted teapot. The head of the castle's kitchen.


A saucy, flirtatious featherduster who seeks Lumière's affections. The maid of the castle.

Madame de la Grande Bouche

A former opera diva turned into a wardrobe

Monsieur D'Arque

The freaky, scheming proprietor of the local insane asylum, the Maison des Lunes.


A young teacup; Mrs. Potts' son.


Silly Girls, Enchanted Objects, Townspeople, Tavern Patrons, Mob.



- Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are limited to 40 seats in the audition room.

- There will be no gathering allowed in the lobby of the rec center.

- Please sign up for your preferred day to audition. The sign-up sheet can be accessed by clicking on the button below labelled "Google Audition Signup Database"

- Please do not sign up for multiple days. You will only be allowed in the audition room for one date.

- There will be someone at the door checking folks in for their audition date. If there are empty seats available, those that arrive without signing up may be able to audition that day.

  However, if there are no empty seats, you will be turned away at the door. Please sign up to avoid making an unnecessary trip!

Beauty and the Beast Audition form.pdf
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