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The Villages Musical Company

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The Villages Musical Theater, Inc. 

                                       The Villages, Florida


We are a group  dedicated to live musical theatre with our focus on Broadway Musicals.


Simply follow the menu on the left hand side and you will learn about us and what we are doing in the future


Those of you who are performers and want to audition for a particular show should stay tuned as audition schedules will appear in this Website.


Thanks for showing interest in our wonderful group of Producers, Directors, Actors, Stage Personnel, Costumers and the whole Production Team. 


The Board of Directors

The Villages Musical Theater, Inc.



"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..."
As You Like It, William Shakespeare



The main goal of the VMC is to promote musical theatre appreciation for The Villages and surrounding community.  No matter your interest there is a place for you.  Whether you are a performer, musician, stage manager or assistant, or just want to watch a good show, The Villages Musical Theater, LLC  provides the way to get there.



Five Reasons to be a member of  



Communication – Keep up to date via email on the latest VMT news     including upcoming performances and auditions


Participation-   Maintain eligibility to be a cast member of a VMT musical production


Celebration –   Be eligible to attend our annual Gala catered Awards Dinner each year as well as other meetings and celebrations


Enfranchisement – Be eligible to vote in that calendar year’s elections or on any votes on changes to organizational policy or procedures through changes to VMT by-laws


Support – Show your continued support for the performance of high quality musical theater in The Villages



The Villages Musical Theater will always be welcoming new members, new ideas, new blood! This organization will continue to thrive because it will grow and we will maintain excellent standards, quality productions, a positive working experience with all our volunteers, no matter what the activity.

We’re always looking for not only actors, singers and dancers; We’re looking for a whole myriad of artisans who enjoy working behind the curtain, in the wings, backstage, applying stage make-up, designing a set, building, painting, designing a program, gathering costumes, designing costumes, helping performers with costume changes, gathering properties (props), stage set movers, stage managers, directors, assistant directors, producers, executive assistants, and the list goes on! We’re all volunteers and want to be engaged in projects we enjoy!

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