The Villages Musical Company
The Villages Musical Company

                   April 5,6,7, 2022

                        7:00 pm

       and  April 6 2:00pm matinee

               Dress/Tech April 3,4


           Director: Sue Schuler                 

              Assistant Director: Frank Olive           

                 Stage Manager:Gary Chubeck

             Rehearsal Pianist: Sara Kallioinen

                 Orchestra: Jennifer Schuler

                  Props: Sammie Brassette

            Costumes: Jan Beddia and Jan Wagner

                  Publicity: Lynne Greenberger

               Lights, Mikes and Special Effects:

                       Carol Greenfield



The Beast: Tim Casey

Belle: RuthAnn "Pinky" Bigley

Gaston: Dave Saxe

Mrs. Potts: Billie Thatcher

LeFou: Bill Davis

Lumiere: Bob Stehman

Cogsworth: Timothy Ruwart

Maurice: Bill McGaughey

Babette:  Mollie McCarthy

Wardrobe: Sue Schuler

Monsieur D'Arque: Bill Krone

Prince: Frank Olive

Chip: Ethan Adams-Rae


Silly Girls/ Ensemble:

      Kathy Chesley-Williams

      Dellie Saxe

      Bobbi Steele-Marotta




Deb Barkelar  Lee Beery  Lori Bellitt  

Susie Bradley  Tom Bradley Jill Brewer Cain

Sue Davis  Dale Gagne  Jo Gagne  Luma Green

Bruce Greenberger   Lynne Greenberger

Sara Kallioinen  Howard Kirschenbaum

Bill Krone  Vic Marsic Dave Newell

Frank Olive  Bob Petrucelli  Larry Wilson

Paul Young


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